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"...how to recognize and develop collaborative skills, develop a shared vision, build community partnerships, and pool agendas … Rubin wrote the book on this stuff."

Library Journal [Volume 124 no. 10, June 1, 1999]
When the American Library Association says someone wrote the book on something … believe them!!!

About Hank Rubin, ICL founder

…  a nationally respected authority, speaker, coach, and bestselling author on intergovernmental, nonprofit, community, and civic leadership.

 … his hands-on leadership, writings, lectures, coaching, and award-winning speeches have helped define collaboration and collective impact and shaped how these tools are used internationally.

 … decades of practical experience as a senior execu­tive, elected and appointed leader in pre-K-20 education, philanthropy, public housing, municipal and state govern­ments, nonprofits, and community organi­za­tions.

… originally one of the youngest appointees to the US Commission on Civil Rights, Hank continues to serve, teach and lead significant anti­racism, anti-hate, and diversity com­mis­sions, initiatives, and classes.

… with an academic career spanning studies in ethics, social sciences, racial equity, and leadership at SUNY Geneseo, University of Chicago, and Northwestern; professorships in public administration, nonprofit and education leadership; deanships in four universities; along with honorific and endowed appointments including distinguished visiting scholar at George Mason University.

… publications include more than 70 chapters, articles, and books on public leadership, racial equity, and philanthropy and scores of invited editorials on leadership and public policy in established media including the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Rochester (NY) Democrat & Chronicle, Teachers College Record, School Administrator, and the Argus Leader.

… dedicated to making a difference, one relationship at a time!

… his definition of leadership: the intentional engagement of relationships to achieve a shared outcome. Yup, as simple as that!

Hank’s groundbreaking reflections, principles, and models benefit from decades of thoughtful, courageous, and (sometimes) insistent guidance from friends, colleagues, and scholars. He dedicates his work to these lifelong relationships.

Here’s what a few great leaders have said about our work since 1992:

“. . . (Hank’s) right on target for the thoughtful nonprofit leader . . . he’ll make you think and help you succeed!” 

Dr. Carl C. Bell, formerly Univ. of Illinois and President & CEO, Community Mental Health Council

“. . . reminds me of my good pal Dr. Earnest Boyer . . . (with) that special forward-looking thinking of a great collaborative leader.” 

Robert J. Danzig, author of The Leader Within You and former Senior Executive of Hearst Newspapers

“. . . outstanding, comprehensive, insightful, clear and brief . . . ” 

Sandy Boyd, former president of the University of Iowa and the Field Museum of Natural History

“. . . Hank is, once again, at the portal of a new area of (leadership development) . . . Lord knows, we need to understand, learn, and teach young and aspiring public leaders how to build and manage their relationships with other public leaders.” 

US Congressman Danny K. Davis, US House of Representatives, 7th District, Illinois

Hank’s Passion For Public Service:

“Hank wrote the book on collaborative leadership” (American library association)

It’s hank’s personal story… his passion for public service… his challenging intellect…

Hank’s insights will help you and your colleagues make a positive difference… collectively!