Hank's Passion For Public Service

“Hank wrote the book on collaborative leadership” (American library association) It’s hank’s personal story… his passion for public service… his challenging intellect… Hank’s insights will help you and your colleagues make a positive difference… collectively!

“How effective is your leadership… really?”
“Who are you trying to lead… and why?”
“Did you know that all collaborations have a life cycle?”
“Just how clear is the change you want to make?”
“At its core, leadership relies on your ability to see through the eyes of those who
would lead”
“Not seeing racism and feeling its offense is a privilege only white people can
“If you can make a difference, then you have a responsibility to do so”

Our communities need inspiring, visionary changed leaders…
Hank will take you there with a strong keynote and inspiring conversation.
Speaker| leader| best-selling author| public intellectual
Community organizer| teacher| trainer| coach|

A generational thinker-and the keynote speaker on leadership.
Come dream with Hank about the leadership you need in order to change a piece of the world… Or to find the change you need in order to lead. You are the leader your mission needs… Hank will help you (and your colleagues) find the tools and strength and vision to make a lasting difference… or to make change happen.

Collaborative leadership grows out of the understanding that we do not manage people;
we manage our relationships with people.
In businesses, institutions, and communities, it is essential that our leaders are skilled at spanning boundaries and building relationships both inside and outside their organizations.

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