Training & Coaching

Reflect & Growth coaches & peers you
respect & share a lot in common

ICL’s Advanced Leadership Seminars – a new series of intimate peer-to-peer coaching sessions – takes leadership coaching to a new level of depth and practicality.

Each session benefits from both world-class expertise and the practical wisdom of peers & professionals who share your experience and care about your success.

Seminars are moderated by Hank Rubin and enroll no more than 8 similarly-positioned peer-level leaders.

Each Advanced Leadership Seminar:

  • Meets by Zoom for 3-3½ hours monthly for 10 months.
  • Is designed for current leaders who are engaged in the work of influencing colleagues, teams, boards, agencies and organizations.
  • Enrolls a limited number of peer-level participants (to maximize individual attention while encouraging peer-to-peer exchange and learning).
  • Is extensively tailored to explore and address the specific needs, questions and interests of participants. [… confidential … immediately useful … challenging … personalized …candid … remarkably practical …]
  • Is taught by bestselling author and ICL founder, Hank Rubin.

ICL offers 3 10-month Advanced Leadership Seminars:

  1. Leadership 2.0 … Becoming a better leader: exploring and applying the 11 Principles of Collaborative Leadership
  2. Building, Diagnosing, Repairing & Strengthening Your Collaboration …  a strong collaboration: understanding and applying Collaboration’s Life Cycle & the Collaboration Audit.
  3. Leadership 3.0 … Learning what works: an advanced examination of Collaborating vs Networking.


  • $1750 per participant. [This covers: 10 monthly 3 to 3½-hour sessions; 2 private 1-on-1 check-in sessions with Hank (generally held midway and near the year of the seminar series); and all instruction­al materials.]
  • 5-8 participants will be enrolled in each seminar. [“Open Seminars” will enroll participants from diverse organizations, sectors and locations. “Closed Seminars” will be arranged with a partner organization to enroll its members or affiliates.]
  • Effort will be made to ensure enrollment in Open Seminars reflects broad diversity.
  • Participants in Open Seminars will participate in a pre-interview to assist in placement.


Additional Private Leadership Coaching sessions with Hank Rubin may be scheduled by special arrangement.

Training & Consultation:

ICL Professional Development Workshops build leadership skills and exercise the muscles needed for impactful collaboration at all levels of your organization or network.

We’ll consult with you extensively to tailor training to meet your precise leadership and organizational needs.

Topics for training include:

  • LEAD FOR A CHANGE! Tackling the questions: Are you a Leader? Plus the Why’s, How’s & What-for’s of Public Leadership.
  • COLLABORATION & NETWORKING for ALIGNED IMPACT: What structure will work best to achieve your collective goal?
  • Collaborations’ Life Cycle
  • Understanding & Using ICL’s Collaboration Audit
  • Introduction: 11 Principles of Effective Collaborative Leadership
  • Working Retreats for NEW Collaborations
  • RENEWAL Retreats for Existing Collaborations


ICL also provides consultative support to nonprofit, philanthropic, education and government organizations. We will help you 

  • convene and build new collaborations or strategically aligned networks
  • troubleshoot, repair and strengthen existing collective efforts (including boards, commissions, networks, collaborations, etc.).