Training & Consultation:

ICL Professional Development Workshops build leadership skills and exercise the muscles needed for impactful collaboration at all levels of your organization or network.

We’ll consult with you extensively to tailor training to meet your precise leadership and organizational needs.

Topics for training include:

  1. LEAD FOR A CHANGE!     Most leadership training starts with “HOW?”                            Our training for public sector leaders starts with “WHY?” & “WHO?”

  2. Collaboration & Networking for Aligned Impact:      This training – for public leaders who are ready to ask “WHAT?” – focuses on What structure will work best to achieve your collective goal?

  3. 11 Principles of Effective Collaborative Leadership:      In this training, we (finally!) ask “HOW?” … we learn and apply the principles that define effective collaborative leadership. 

  4. I. Collaborations’ Life Cycle:      This essential training goes under the hood to introduce the nuts-and-bolts (all the moving parts) of effective collaborations … how to plan, assemble, lead, repair and maintain yours.
  5. II. Understanding & Using ICL’s Collaboration Audit:       During this training, participants examine the moving parts inside Collaborations’ Life Cycle; how to know when they’re working (or not), how to get and keep them working, and how to share this knowledge and responsibility with your collaborative partners. 

  6. EXTENDED RETREATS:                                                                                                                                                – Launching Your NEW Collaborations                                                                                           – Renew, Refresh, Repair … Rejoice! Your EXISTING Collaborations


ICL also provides consultative support to nonprofit, philanthropic, education and government organizations. We will help you 

  • convene and build new collaborations or strategically aligned networks
  • troubleshoot, repair and strengthen existing collective efforts (including boards, commissions, networks, collaborations, etc.).