“. . . (Hank’s) right on target for the thoughtful nonprofit leader . . . he’ll make you think and help you succeed!” 

Dr. Carl C. Bell, formerly Univ. of Illinois and President & CEO, Community Mental Health Council

“. . . reminds me of my good pal Dr. Earnest Boyer . . . (with) that special forward-looking thinking of a great collaborative leader.” 

Robert J. Danzig, author of The Leader Within You and former Senior Executive of Hearst Newspapers

“. . . outstanding, comprehensive, insightful, clear and brief . . . ” 

Sandy Boyd, former president of the University of Iowa and the Field Museum of Natural History

“. . . Hank is, once again, at the portal of a new area of (leadership development) . . . Lord knows, we need to understand, learn, and teach young and aspiring public leaders how to build and manage their relationships with other public leaders.” 

US Congressman Danny K. Davis, US House of Representatives, 7th District, Illinois

“Hank Rubin is at it again. Collaboration Skills for Educators and Nonprofit Leaders … is a little volume with a potentially big payoff for thoughtful practitioners … The focus here is on accomplishing tangible results, making a difference and completing our work in the public realm. Rubin sees our jobs as revolving ‘around building villages of support to raise children.’ His book can help us be successful in that mission.”

Peter Carparelli for The School Superintendents Association, The School Administrator

“This reader-friendly and useful book details convincingly the need for collaboration in educational leadership and provides practical suggestions and tools for leaders who choose to collaborate to accomplish important goals they cannot achieve on their own. “

National Association of Secondary School Principals (Anne Wescott Dodd). NASSP Bulletin

“. . . breaks new and important ground in the struggle for creating collaborations so that we can begin to build the villages once

Paul Houston, Executive Director (retired), American Association of School Administrators

“Rubin … does a superb job of describing collaborative leadership and ‘relationship management and lays out an agenda for how to develop such skills …”

Highly readable, Rubin’s monograph can serve as a primer for those seeking a definition and understanding of collaborative leadership.”

David  G. Imig, President, and CEO (retired), American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education.

“A must-read for nonprofit and government managers, educators, business leaders, community activists, and all citizens concerned with effective solutions to public and organizational issues.”

Dennis R. Young, Professor of Nonprofit Management & Economics, Case Western University and CEO of the National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise