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The Measure Of Your Effectiveness Is
The CHANGE You Cause

ICL helps progressive public leaders clarify the change you want to make and build the teams you’ll need to make change happen!

ICL Public Speaking

No one knows Collaborative Leadership like Hank Rubin!

“… Rubin wrote the book(s) on this stuff.” 

ICL founder, bestselling author, & award-winning speaker; Hank will challenge, energize & mobilize your group.

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Don’t just manage the team. Become a Collaborative Leader.

Intensive & personalized Coaching – for experienced & rising Collaborative Leaders

10 months | 3 hrs./month

Custom Training for your Collaboration’s Leadership Team

ICL will design Collaborative Leadership Training programs expressly for your organization or collaboration.

Create a Collaborative Leadership Culture centered on Collaboration. 

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ICL research, models, books, blogs & tools have shaped the nation’s understanding of Collaborative Leadership.

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ICL’s bestselling book and publications have defined the field and shaped the study and training of collaborative leaders since 1992.


ICL has been helping progressive public leaders and collaborations make a positive difference collectively … since 1992!

We do much more than “leadership development” … ICL helps progressive public leaders build, lead, diagnose, repair & strengthen collaborations.

ICL training, coaching & publications have helped develop and strengthen thousands of collaborative leaders and collaborations, teams, networks, boards, commissions, task forces and coalitions.

ICL was the nation’s first nonprofit training, coaching, and research think tank focused on collaboration and collaborative leadership.

Hank Rubin PhD, ICL Founder

bestselling author & award-winning speaker

Hank will
challenge, energize & mobilize your group.

ICL Founder, Hank Rubin


Founded in 1992, ICL was the first national nonprofit training, coaching and research think tank focused on collaboration and collaborative leadership.

Our work – like your leadership – is mission-driven.

ICL’s mission: To build and promote a rigorous knowledge-base and understanding of collaboration so that education and public sector leaders can learn to build, manage, measure and repair collective efforts that are essential for achieving progressive public outcomes.

“We help progressive public leaders make a positive difference collectively!”

ICL Tools & Readings

We’ve helped develop and strengthen hundreds of collaborations and thousands of active and rising collaborative leaders …

Here’s what a few great leaders have said about Hank’s bestselling book Collaborative Leadership: Developing Effective Partnerships for Communities and Schools

Defining Public Leadership

“Public Leadership is about relationships and change.
We influence people through relationships in order to make change happen.
The measure of our effectiveness as public leaders is the relationships we build and the change we cause.”

If we don’t pay attention to how we influence relationships, intentional change just won’t happen. And, if change doesn’t happen, then we haven’t successfully led. The measure of our effectiveness as public leaders is the change we cause.” Hank Rubin

Who is a Collaborative Leader?

“You are a collaborative leader once you have accepted responsibility for building – or helping to ensure the success of – a heterogeneous team to accomplish a shared purpose…”    from ICL’s bestselling book Collaborative Leadership (Corwin Press)

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